Wtf dating site profile pictures reaction gifs

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Wtf dating site profile pictures reaction gifs

Two of the three times the person ended up being borderline obsessed with me.I went back to meeting people the good old fashioned way, and it's worked out much better.When we met, she wasn't thin, but she looked fantastic- great sense of style/dress along with a lot of confidence, and a nice toned body in spite of being on the heavy side (girls half her size still have more cellulite than her).Things have been going great, we've been going out about six months now.The woman I'm seeing now (who I met online) had a great headshot, and over the phone I asked what kind of body type she had, explaining its hard to get an idea of what people really look like from just photographs.She said 'I'm not a thin girl, if that's what you're asking' which was honest.I decided in 2001 that meeting people online wasn't for me for this precise reason.Three out of three times I'd met someone from the interwebs, the person looked drastically different from what was presented online.

This can get amplified when you are meeting the person for the first time and getting a first impression of them.

That isn't to say that there aren't women out there who lie because obviously there are plenty of them in the virtual sea but I've found there are plenty of men out there who refuse to believe the truths that you tell them.

*Probably 4 or 5 times over about 8 months of online dating.

There are some men who will always project their "perfect woman" onto a woman they meet online and they will always be disappointed.

I have a feeling that if you find a man who constantly ends up going out with women who lie about their weight in extreme amounts (more than 20 lbs difference) he might be one of those men.

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While it would probably make a lot of people pass me up, hearing people say, "You look much more handsome in real life" makes me Because personally, that's what counts.

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