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The Rock (air date: 2010-03-04) After ISIS loses yet another lucrative contract to rival agency ODIN, Malory assigns Archer and Lana to embarrass ODIN by stealing a priceless diamond from their biggest client.

At ISIS, an international spy agency, global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other.

Also, it's Gran Prix week, so you can just forget getting a hotel room Watch Now When Archer discovers that the chemotherapy drugs he has been taking are phony, he goes on a rampage against the Irish gangsters behind the scheme.

He also makes friends with a fellow marijuana-toking cancer patient (voice of Joan Van Ark).

Promoted to field agent as of Season 3's "El Contador". Just about as snarky, selfish, sex-crazed, and jerkish as Sterling, if not more so.Set at ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service), the series revolve around suave master spy Sterling Archer as he deals with global espionage; a domineering, late middle-aged mother/boss, Malory Archer; his ex-girlfriend, Agent Lana Kane; ISIS accountant Cyril Figgis; and a less-than-masculine code name—"Duchess".Mole Hunt (air date: 2009-09-17) Archer is in trouble with his Mother and the Comptroller because his expense account is way out of proportion to his actual expenses. Training Day (air date: 2010-01-14) Lana's residual lust for Archer prompts Malory to promote Cyril to field agent.So he creates the idea that a Mole has breached ISIS and he needs to get into the mainframe to hunt him down (so he can cover his tracks! Archer then trains his new competition as only he can, whilst Malory frets over her own past and her son's future.Diversity Hire (air date: 2010-01-21) Owing to a rash of agent deaths (the result of Sterling's carelessness), ISIS can't meet government diversity standards.

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Later, after ISIS is disbanded and the agents temporarily run a drug cartel to help fund their retirements, they return to their espionage roots as agents of the CIA.

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