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Tea leoni dating anyone

After they talked for a while, Tracy snarled "Why don't you two just rent a room and get it over with." I dunno, what could that mean if he were exclusively gay? Barbra loves the lesbians, but Liz is very forceful and tries to rip her panties off."After they talked for a while, Tracy snarled "Why don't you two just rent a room and get it over with." I dunno, what could that mean if he were exclusively gay?

Maybe just a drunkard's words......."I dont' know if Tracy was gay, but it sounds like the kind of remark a lot of drunk bitter gay men would make.

It was you who interpreted my post to mean what you speak of above.

I still have no "proof" she was a lesbian- just lots of the usual speculation- some pretty good- particularly at the beginning of her career, that she was at least bi-sexual. There is much more "proof" in Kate of Tracy's homosexuality than Hepburn's.

Yes, Tracy was a closet case, big time."An MGM insider is quoted as saying: "We knew Spencer wrestled with homosexuality."This may have been the real reason why the guilt-ridden actor drank so heavily - Hepburn attributed his alcoholism to "over-sensitivity to life."I just finished Hume Cronyn's memoir, "A Perfect Liar". It's no secret in the entertainment industry that she stalked Barbra Streisand relentlessly, and had delusions of converting her to lesbianism.

He mentions being in Spencer Tracy's dressing room one night when Hepburn came in. Hepburn was gracious and engaging and very pretty, according to Cronyn. Liz tried to get backstage after one of Barbra's 1994 concerts, but Barbra told security not to let her in.

Anyway, Liz and Iris were a gas, and as nice as can be.

But there is no doubt she was attracted to Hughs and Tracy physically, at least for a while- and her first and only husband. Garbo was well known to that group- Irene lived in a town house between 1st and 2nd on 50th, Garbo East 52nd and the River, Hepburn 49th between 2nd and 3rd.

how I got hooked up with Miss Travolta just pre Sat Night Fever through my boss who was sort of man on the spot for Hollywood through his brother the publicist Bobby Zarem.

Danny, my boss, was a very attractive, funny, successful retailer in NYC- he brought Pierre Cardin to the US in the 1960s via Bonwit Teller.

The biography 'Kate' asserts thet Tracy went on said benders because of his conflicted sexuality. Hepburn also worshipped Tracy's talent, and owed a debt to her continued career.

She was cited as being 'box office poison' due to films such as "Christopher Strong" and "Sylvia Scarlett" which--although they were appealling to Hepburns own personal sensibilities, they failed to capture the U. white-bread ultraheterosexual iamgination at the time. The on-screen chemistry between Kate and Spencer saved her film career, and she was very conscious of that fact.

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She loved gay men and lesbians and what used to be called in the 30s "bohemians" all the while hanging on to her New England Brahmin pedigree, which she exagerated as the years past.

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