Schizophrenic dating service

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Schizophrenic dating service

If not for that fact, I wouldnt have a problem with him around.

I've met alot of other people with schitzophrenia and sometimes they are more sane then alot of these so called normal people. I think that there might be a lot of underlying problems, and the alcohol and pot might have just help bring out the problems you are now speaking off.

She ventured over to my home one day and whilst making herself a coffee starting talking to herself and answering herself, then out of the blue accussed me of sleeping with her husband.

At this point i was very angry and told her to leave.

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I just think people try to hard to blame Pot on things that aren't really related.My advise, as unqualified as it is, would be to try to get your sis to seek help.I think that the problems may lie deeper than pot or alcohol.If she talkto herself is because she hear 'voices'. Depresion andoverexcitement reactionsand swing moods are common too. In most cases this has all but eliminated the illness from sufferers.You could likely find out more in European medical journals etc. - Erik - In my brothers case, I wouldnt say it was the using of drugs that did it, it was the abuse of the drugs over along period of time. I know lots of people who use drugs socially, they treat it like social drinking and are perfectly fine. I think when people start getting into crack, cocaine, heroine, prescription drug abuse, it starts to be a problem.

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She left talking to herself again as she was leaving. Come christmas she was insulting me at a get together, then was 'normal' later in the evening. Even doctors have a hard time diagnosing it because it takes a lot of observation and there are so many things that it 'might' be.. Dealing with it with someone you love is even harder.

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