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Online dating marriage statistics 20180

Therefore, the Jesuits were invited, with the backing of the Catholic Habsburg rulers, to come to the Bohemian Crown and establish a number of Catholic educational institutions.

One of these is the university in the Moravian capital of Olomouc.

They received episcopal ordination through the Waldensians in 1467.

The Moravians continue their long tradition of missionary work, such in the Caribbean, as is reflected in their broad global distribution.In 1582 they forced closure of local Protestant schools.In 1617, Emperor Matthias had his fiercely Catholic brother Ferdinand of Styria elected King of Bohemia, but in 1618 Protestant Bohemian noblemen, who feared losing their religious freedom, started the Bohemian Revolt.Protestantism had a strong influence to the education of the population.Even in the middle of the 16th century there was not a single town without a Protestant school in the Bohemian crown lands, and many had more than one, mostly with two to six teachers each.

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This group held to a strict obedience to the Sermon on the Mount, which included non-swearing of oaths, non-resistance, and not accumulating wealth.

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