Native american burial sites dating back

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Native american burial sites dating back

"It looked like hogs had gotten into it," Donaldson recalls.He noted several piles of broken spear points and stone chips. on that late January day in 2007, the team took up positions in the shadows of the forest. Late that afternoon Donaldson radioed to the others: Pack it up.Among these were needles and hooks made from animal bone, clay figurines, pottery shards and something more unsettling: fragments of human skulls, femurs, jaws and teeth."It was particularly disturbing that there was no hesitation picking up human remains," says Tim Santel, a Fish and Wildlife special agent.

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A tedious half-hour later, he was standing smack in the middle of it. The officer assumed his cover was blown and prepared to show his badge.

But Jones only blinked, looked past him and trudged off to dig someplace else. "It was a heart-pounding experience," Donaldson recalls.

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As Geoff Donaldson sprinted across a barren southern Illinois crop field at dusk on January 26, 2007, he breathed aloud a prayer: "Lord, please make me invisible." The 35-year-old uniformed officer of the U. Fish and Wildlife Service was trying to wriggle into his Ghillie suit, full-body camouflage that makes a turkey hunter resemble a mossy tree stump. In March 2006 Donaldson received a tip: A car was often seen parked on private land near a remote corner of Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge, about 25 miles east of Cape Girardeau.

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Folks have been picking around for arrowheads throughout the Midwest for generations.