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Katt williams online dating movie

The poster for Internet Dating shows a clearly-shopped Williams shushing a woman who appears to be kissing his ear but is more likely to be kissing the air in a ‘studio’ set up in a U-Lock somewhere in Burbank.

It uses the ever popular red-and-black typeface that has made films like Norbit (which also stars Williams!

I’ve deliberately avoided watching any Katt Williams stand-up before watching the subject of this week’s piece, the imaginatively-titled Internet Dating.

In other words, I wanted this to be my Katt Williams baptism because, if the facts were correct, there was nowhere to go but up.

New and dynamic doesn’t come near Master P’s approach to Internet Dating, which opens with a laborious scene in which our protagonist Mickey (Williams) signs up to a dating website called Hit Us

Apparently the best way this is to let Williams riff on the various fields in which he must enter information, something that Williams seems all too comfortable doing.

Mickey’s cousin Trey (Master P) owns Hit Us and is concerned by the fact that his cousin is lying to women on the website and describing himself in more favourable terms when Trey knows that if you just stay yourself, you can get whatever you want (hint: this is the moral of the story).

To continue my TLC comparison from earlier, let me say this: you know those painfully staged moments in reality TV when someone pretends to be working or discussing something with someone who isn’t a regular part of the show?Most of the time, they simply reiterate what the characters have just said seconds before.Anyway, Mickey and his cohorts get into a bunch of crazy shenanigans befitting a man who lies about his persona on the Internet, including: – Mistakenly going to a fat lady’s place (zoinks!The contrast between Master P’s image as a high-rolling mogul and the rock-bottom, public access look of the film couldn’t be higher.Roughly around the point where the pickle incident happens, the film’s already precarious structure begins to unravel as several supporting characters are introduced.

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