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To this date, many efforts have been made to identify large SNP-based subgroups and migration patterns of this haplogroup.

The origin and spread of R1a1 chromosomes in Eurasia has, however, remained unknown due to the lack of downstream SNPs within the R1a1 haplogroup.

Since the discovery of R1a1-M458, this is the first scientific attempt to divide haplogroup R1a1-M198 into multiple SNP-based sub-haplogroups.

The reason these lineages are important and useful is that they record the uninterrupted ancestry of males, from father to son, along the Y chromosome.

So here you have a population with is probably representative of Indian Y chromosomal phylogeography the Indo-Aryans arrived.

Second, you see that M458 is well represented among Hungarians.

The detection of the Z93 paternal genetic imprint in the Hungarian Roma gene pool is consistent with South Asian ancestry and amends the view that H1a-M82 is their only discernible paternal lineage of Indian heritage.

The table to the left shows you an Indian population from Malaysia.

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Therefore, I don’t think that Z93 is indigenous to South Asia, but is intrusive.