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(when a phrase that's well known was never uttered in the canon).Inverse of Shrug of God (when the creator(s) refuses to give a concrete answer), and of Better Than Canon (when the fans all decide their theory is preferable regardless of what the creator says).Small doujin companies are (in)famous for this sort of thing, as their characters are designed and occasionally modified accordingly to appeal to their fanbase. (when the fan explanation happens to match the one the author(s) had planned all along), Ascended Meme (when this happens to memes), Word of Dante, Canon Immigrant (when elements of an officially licensed non-canonical source find their way into the official canonicity), Official Fan-Submitted Content, Approval of God (when a creator likes a fan work/theory but doesn't make it canonical).When it's built into the story, it's Schrdinger's Gun. George parks his car and begins to enter the hospital, but forgets his badge so he has to go back, accidently honking his horn while retrieving it. When it opens, it's full of men, who are staring at her, making her uncomfortable. Meredith puts her shoes, which are leopard print, in her locker. Meredith enters the locker room and puts a roommate notice on the bulletin board.As Derek and Burke scrub out, they discuss Allison's recovery. Bailey overhears this and tells her she should get started.Burke says they should get a drink later and Derek can tell him why he left New York for Seattle, but he says there is nothing to tell, Webber made him an offer he couldn't refuse and leaves. Cristina tries to say she wasn't complaining but Bailey overrides her and says she has an reassigned intern and that Cristina should show him how Bailey does things.

Bailey arrives and assigns the interns their tasks.

So, you can waste your life, drawing lines, Or, you can live your life crossing them. Alex Karev becomes one of Bailey's interns and shadows Cristina for the day.

Derek helps a rape victim while Meredith carries around the rapist's penis.

The finish line at the end of residency, waiting in line for a chance at the operating table, and then, there's the most important line. You need boundaries between you and the rest of the world. Meredith says she does, and Cristina interrupts to see that Meredith has a coffee in her hand, which is for Bailey, and calls it out as bribing.

The line separating you from the people you work with. George says that his mom irons his scrubs and he wants out, hinting he wants to be Meredith's roommate, but she doesn't think it's a good idea. Meredith says she just wants two strangers who she doesn't have to talk to or be nice to.

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Derek says he never asked, but asks if she wants to.

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