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“It’s natural to start seeing different qualities in someone the older you get, the more you mature.” Super excited for finals day! Also good luck to the mens team in their second tournament of the season! ☺️ A photo posted by Charlotte Caslick (@charlottecaslick) on For the first time since 1924, rugby is back in the Olympic Games, this time in the sped-up “sevens” format.

Holland and Caslick, who live together on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, are regarded as two of the top players coming out of Australia, according to The Daily Telegraph.

“When we met, we were riding and competing alongside each other, so we have never known any different.” Backstrokers Mitch Larkin and Emily Seebohm of Brisbane have been called a power couple of the pool.

At the 2012 London Games, Larkin placed 8th in the 200-meter backstroke final.

But the pair knows how to separate the sport from their relationship.

This will be Meinhardt’s third Olympics ― he was the youngest Olympic fencer in U. history when he made his debut at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

It will be Kiefer’s second Olympic appearance; in 2012, she placed fifth in the individual competition. ” Kiefer wrote on Instagram after Meinhardt lost in the men’s individual foil quarterfinals on Sunday.

“We’re very professional in that we draw a line and when we’re at hockey we are Kate and Helen, hockey players and teammates,” team captain Kate Richardson-Walsh told the BBC in 2014. It’s important that line is drawn and to be able to say to each other, ‘that’s not good enough’ and not start having a row about it afterwards.”Eaton and Theisen-Eaton met as teammates at the University of Oregon but will be competing on behalf of different countries at the Rio Games.

Eaton, a decathlete and gold-medal winner, is part of Team USA while Theisen-Eaton, a heptathlete, is part of Team Canada. “We’re both driven individuals, and even though we are both athletes and both go through hard times as athletes ― maybe it’s an injury, or maybe it’s an event you can’t figure out or maybe you don’t win a meet that you wanted to ― we are supportive of one another in those tough times, and that’s how you really get close to someone and grow,” Eaton told People earlier this month.

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“To be an Olympian is the ultimate for any athlete and to be able to share it with your wife makes it just that little bit more special.” Gold medalist Pellegrini, who has been called Italy’s most popular female athlete, was selected as the flag-bearer for her country at the opening ceremonies in Rio.