Dating sites affiliate programs punji nivesh online dating

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Dating sites affiliate programs

For example, You will be solely responsible for: We disclaim all liability for these matters.

In order to become an Affiliate, You must set up an account in Anastasia's Affiliate Program System (Anastasia Date will evaluate Your application and will notify You whether Your application is accepted for participation in the Program according to Allowed Promotional Methods.The Company offers several Affiliate Program options, as further described in the Agreement: All information submitted by Affiliate to the Company must be truthful and accurate.Once You are accepted into the Program, You will be able to participate in the Program subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.You should also note that if You are accepted to participate in the Program and Your traffic sources are thereafter determined (in Company's sole discretion) to be unsuitable based on the criteria herein for the Program, the Company may terminate this Agreement and Your participation in the Program.

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In certain cases we can remit the payment within 45 days after Affiliate Customer's transaction is completed.