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Social workers were assigned to examine the relationship of patients with their family members, define which family member has a positive influence upon the patients, and assist the patients in maintaining this positive relationship.

The additional functions delegated to psychologists include treating and correcting patients’ behaviours, consulting on the patients’ dependence diseases, and being involved in patients’ religious ceremonies.

This form of conditional release does not apply to extremely dangerous recidivists or to offenders who, after having been conditionally released, committed a new crime.

In 2003, the Minister of Justice approved the structure, principles, and forms of activities of psychological offices within penitentiary institutions.

Forensic psychiatry in Lithuania is considered part of the health care system and directed by the Ministry of Health Care.

The Department of Correctional Affairs again became the Prison Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania, the official name it had during the interwar period of independent Lithuania.

Lithuania has the third highest number of prisoners in the EU, according to statistics from the Council of Europe.

Lithuania has a detailed Penal Enforcement Code that specifies the following items: the type of correctional institutions and regimes, regime requirements, conditions for inmate work, type of reformatory work, conditions for general education and vocational training, legal status of sentenced people, material provision and medical care of inmates, grounds and procedures for disciplining inmates, measures to ensure the regime, and grounds and procedures for exemption from a sentence.

After the court imposes a custodial sentence, the court is also responsible for designating the type of institution (prison, correctional work or reformatory work colony, or correctional work colony settlement) and the regime (common, strengthened or strict).

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Penal institutions are also categorized by security level, where prisons have high security, correctional work colonies have normal security, and colony-settlements are semi-open.

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