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Convert mp3 to 128kbps online dating

Just curious what people's opinion on p2p programs is. theres a list of labels that they support.i refuse to buy any music under these labels..

Thanks I don't have a problem with file sharing at all, I think that it's a really great way to discover new music and I've discovered a few bands that I wouldn't have really heard before if I hadn't downloaded their music first. Jammer, the only thing, and again, this relects my opinion entirely, is that you still have to use the same bandwidth listening to the music as if you were to download the MP3 file. They say they paid the royalties, could be their advertisers are picking up the fees.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I see more users switching to the gnutella network now by running Lime Wire, Imesh, morpheus and others now.

I have read the the most frequently broken laws are copyright related. Many remember Napster, and most anyone has used Kazaa... I was curious what other's views are on this topic. Myself, Im actually a musican that encourages anyone to give my music away... :) I posted yesterday about a new program that has a new twist to the file sharing programs..

- Now the makers of this program claim the rolites have been paid to all major music lables, - they claim it's legal as long as people arent outright downloading the songs.

or visa versa: One can choose from and endless list of other people's play lists and stream their music.

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