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As to the final period of activity that ended about 50,000 years ago, I have been unable to trace any evidence for it except the statement.

It would seem that the Roccamonfina Volcano is understudied which perhaps is not surprising considering its extinct status.

The collapse of the main cone was accompanied by a ring fracture concentric with and outside the main caldera.

This would, to my mind at least, indicate that the main caldera was formed by a large eruption, at least VEI 6 , that was not accompanied by the emission of ignimbrites and that, for reasons at present unknown, the evidence for this has not been found and could be “lost”.

As there is evidence of a physical link between them, the zone of partial melting, and that the first eruptions of Campi Flegrei are thought to have occurred some 40 k A before present but after the last eruptions at Roccamonfina, it is entirely possible that isostatic rebound has shifted the volcanism from Roccamonfina to the Naples area.

The last eruptive period is thought to have ended 50,000 years ago, and the volcano is thought to be extinct, a view that may be supported by exploration of its geothermal potential which found a very low temperature of 35°C at 886 m.The corresponding layer of sedimentary rock underlying the surrounding Appenines is 10 km thick.Below the layer of solidified magma, Nunziata & Gerecitano found evidence for a low velocity layer with an average thickness of 10 km which can be associated with the presence of partial melting and they interpret as magmatic reservoir. This site is not like the other clones of chatroulette, while the principle of selecting a random interlocutor is present here. Omegle chat had an audience before the advent of this service dating via webcam.After a while it upgraded the chat to chat using video camera and microphone. Why is Omegle is not like other alternative chatruletki?

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