Adultsonly dating

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I pulled him up by the ears, and he crawled above me, his stiff penis dragging across my belly, until I had his tongue in my mouth again. Ive tried it a few times, I even lived with a wild Spanish actress for a while who was bisexual. Oh god, but that feels goodmy body opening to accept my lovers stiff penis, his strong young body on top of me, his smooth round ass in my hands, his eager tongue in my mouth. He grumbled to himself as he went off to masturbate. Id been in Jerrys house for a week, and it was about time to move on. I always look through the toy section for anything interesting or new. Like only a boy his age could, with a simplicity of uncomplicated excitement, a desire to please, a need for touch. I was getting sore, I had reached my limit; which wasnt something I reached often.

I may be sixty, but when I have a teenage boy clamped between my thighs, I feel as fabulous as I ever did. He had his young lover by then and I was a bit in the way; a guest has to know when her welcome is ending. I stood with my arms crossed across my chest as he exposed himself; in my elegant gown, heels, and jewelry, I felt powerful and confident. Its always fun; I flirt with the men, but I wouldnt go with any of them; I prefer friends or friends of friends, for safety. I tried to push him away, but he held me tighter and pumped just a little harder instead; and then he came inside me, his last orgasm a feeble one compared to the flood he blasted out earlier, but a fine compliment to us both.

I like it better with an exclamation mark; FABULOUS! Long slender legs, with fine little feet and hands. I usually dress that way; I love attention, flirting, and showing off my figure. I went out onto the dimly lit veranda and sat down. He didnt try to slip his hands down to my breasts or anything. I usually only get those things while I have a rich lover. He was so beautiful; his skin tight and unblemished, his face still childlike, half man and half boy. Its hard to take for a proud woman, but thats reality. I knew how to play him, and I knew Id get to have a lot of fun. My young lover pulled away and climbed off of me, and I went into the bathroom for some mouthwash.

Our bodies fit together so perfectly, each seemed to be made to please the other. Back in my room at Jerrys house, I got myself dressed up in one of my favorite evening gowns. All those wealthy people to meet with; the men would stare at my curves and the women would despise me as I shamelessly flirted with their husbands. He rolled to face me and put an arm around me; I took his cock in my hand as we kissed. Ive had sex in all kinds of places; almost every room in this house, with different lovers through the years [I always stayed with Jerry when I visited the area]. I love foreplay, but a time comes when I just want what I want. He definitely needed instruction, but it wasnt the time to give it to him. And still he wanted more, more touch, more sensation, more of me. He drove off the road into the woods, up a track to the old watchtower. So many years ago, when I was a girl no older than he is now, I went there with my local boyfriends to make out when I was here on holiday. I told him, climbing on the bike behind him and holding his strong young body tight. My lover got hooked on heroin and died when I was 20. My boy lover did as I told him, slowly taking everything off as I watched. Id felt its heat against my thighs as we fooled around earlier, and Id waited long enough! I smiled at him approvingly as I sat on the bed at his feet. My mouth watered, but I hesitated just a little longer, prolonging the moment as I stroked it and watched his face. I told him, grabbing his head by his cute curly brown hair. I moved my groin so my clit was in his mouth as he did his best; and a fairly good effort it was, too. Hes such a pervert; he knew Id give him a blow job if he wanted, and he had his new young strumpet to play with too. But it was too soon for that; I chose a slim smooth vibrator instead. I unlocked the clamp, stroking his stiff rod with a tenderness I rarely felt anymore.My vagina clamped his penis, his smooth chest against my breasts, as he worked me, his lean young body, for that short time, mine. Peach silk, it plunged down my body, covering much but hiding nothing. I like the man [or boy] on top, my fingers against his back or ass muscles as they contract and relax, feeling his weight and strength. And when youre in the mood, come by or give me a call. As Jeremy was leaving, Jerry pulled in with some bimbo half his age. It showed off my figure nicely; it covered my shoulders, but lay casually over my generous breasts, showing quite a bit of cleavage. Nothing darling, were just going to my room for a while.

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Jerry knocked on my door; Hey Monica, Im going to the marina for lunch. You know I always love to come, darling, but not with you today. But there were some who got really turned on by a hot woman who was their own age. He was the kind who picked up young social climbing girls, then spat them out after a week. I dont often wear trousers, but Id had to for the motorcycle ride that morning. He couldnt seem to stop grinning, and I felt so good that I found it hard not to laugh. In an airport, in a police station [with two officers]. But to me, sex is synonymous with bed; beds are the place for sex. Babies are for women who have a home and maybe even a husband. No, a boy like Jeremy would do to satisfy my maternal instincts. I tilted my head to one side, and he nibbled my neck. The best sex is the first sex; and love is to be thoroughly avoided.