21 year old dating a 16 year old

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The guy I'm seeing is a law student who's really interested in politics and we go to the university debating society together (albeit having very different views to me)!He hasn't tried to pressure me into doing anything, although obviously I know that will be a factor for him. He really respects me and I just feel that we're right together.

But the judge said there were 'a number of exceptional circumstances' which applied.

Getting a Job When Youre 16 Years Old What Are The Best Jobs For 16 Year Olds? Despite being a minor, 16 year old teens are allowed. She must really yearn for those old college days???

A 21 year old man should not be dating a 16 year old girl. If dating means being in the presence of someone else (hanging out, etc.).

Depending on where you guys live, he could face serious legal trouble dating a 16 year old. See Why Jumping in a Pool Saved This Blind Womans Life. Anyway i spoke to him recently and he explained he is with this girl who is 16. A 16 year old today looks more like a 12 year old from what Ive seen, however I see a girl. i live in louisiana and i have been dating a 16 year old from rhode island, for a. Ive always been a very mature, responsible, free spirited girl with an open.

NO way I would date a 21 year old no matter how mature she claims to be.

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I told my parents that he's 19 (not sure why, but 19 sounds a lot better! I think it's because they know how happy I am with my friends at the university.