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Maybe many customers find it too much stress.............. I bought from what was supposed to be a Canadian website, but when I got my CC account statement, called and found out that the charge was made by a department store in China. Apparently, this fraudulent vendor sets up fake web sites, then overcharges your card and doesn't deliver any goods.

Yes the scam website related to black Friday sales advert on Facebook is CA* represents itself as being a Canadian Shoe Distributor* Website was established November 2017* On-line payment is not secure* Returning Customers login section shows Error Message: Sorry, there is no match for that email address and/or password when trying to access.* Emails go unanswered*Visa Payment is to: FHT*BCOYN TRDAE CHINA 000* Products are not cheap average 0.00 and upwards Yes. FS BUFANW TECH********My credit card was charged .16.

BEWARE of FS BUFANW TECH Any other time I have placed an international order my bank has contacted me to be sure it wasn't fraud and when it actually is fraud the transaction goes through- go figure! When I called my credit card company, they couldn’t give me more information on the vendor beyond a generic “clothing and accessories” vendor...totally fraudulent.

I ordered the cream,n played £4.93 p&p,and surprise surprise they have taken £79.95 off my visa card,what a scam, I would not recommend anyone buy this,as far as I'm concerned there out to con,ppl. Watch out this "FS BUFANW TECH" charge on your credit card.

Also I will get a new replacement card to avoid further damage. The charge showed up on my credit card as FHT*LAHUST.

Initially my CC company wants to wait until the charge is posted, but I insisted to go ahead and cancel the card. I received (from China) not only the wrong shoes, but in the wrong size.

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If it's not how much money you have been deducted ? Your answer will help us to urge the website to reasonably charge and protect the rights and interests of the consumers. I've been charged $100.26 canadian money on dec 15th 2017 and I never received my order. The only info I have on my credit card statement is: PES*LOVE-ME BEIJING AMT 501.18 YUAN RENMINBI 100.26Transaction order ID: 20171214-877 On January 25, 2018 I bought an item on a shopping site https:// was charged $43.99 from FS BUFAN W TECH FOSHANSHI CN on my Master Card.

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  1. Two weeks later, I figured it out the hard way, though I had suspected what had happened before that. I'm still with my wife, because of my 5 y/o daughter. Some women don't care if their husbands go out and get massages with happy endings, believe it or not.